Anatomy of Healthy Spine

Knowing how a healthy spine works may help you understand how moving wisely can protect your back and keep it free of pain.  It does this with the help of three natural curves which keep your body balanced along with the discs which cushion your vertebrae and absorb shock as you move.

Your lumbar spine is the hardest-working part of your spine bearing the brunt of your weight and moving the most.    Aligning your lumbar curve helps prevent injury to your vertebrae, discs, and surrounding  parts of your spine.

Overtime, our discs wear out from natural aging.  But poor posture can make them wear out early.  As the discs degenerate they narrow and dry out, vertebrae come closer together and can become irritated.  Bony out-growths call bone spurs may form causing narrowing and irritation of nearby nerves.

Physical therapy can improve your core muscle strength and flexibility to support your spine and taking the strain off your back, and returning your alignment to normal with hands-on manual therapy.  Your physical therapist can educate you about unhealthy habits like poor posture that put extra stress on your spine causing pain.

Why wait? Come to Brighton Physical Therapy today and learn how you can correct many of these problems by changing unhealthy habits with self-care techniques and hands-on therapy!


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