Children’s Services

BrandLogo-LeapsBoundsAt Leaps and Bounds Therapy services in Howell and Whitmore lake, we specialize in pediatric work, and are committed to providing the very best in individualized, focused treatment for children and their families in Michigan.

We understand that children are not miniature adults. Pediatric patients have a need for age-appropriate therapies and treatments that take into account their growing and maturing bodies, and that care is quite different from what we offer adults.

Using a team approach, Leaps and Bounds Therapy provides the best in pediatric physical, occupational, speech, aquatic and music therapy, as well as applied behavior analysis. It’s all delivered in an environment designed specifically for the treatment and comfort of our younger patients in our Whitmore Lake and Howell locations. Our children’s area features private treatment rooms, a large gym area, an indoor play structure and a therapeutic pool.

Brighton Physical TherapyOur therapists are trained in a variety of intervention programs for our younger patients, including neurodevelopmental treatment; sensory integration; therapeutic listening, interactive metronome, craniosacral therapy, kinesiotaping and brain gym. We have a wide variety of expert therapists on staff that specializes in areas from minor issues to treatment for complex, medically fragile patients.

The result is that Leaps and Bounds Therapy offers the most comprehensive physical therapy program for kids in Michigan.

Leaps and Bounds Therapy works with children of all ages, from birth on up, and there’s no age limit: we work with adults with development disabilities, too.

We accept most insurances, and have a competitive private-pay rate.

For detailed information on Brighton Physical Therapy’s Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Specialties, click here.