Occupational Therapy

People of all ages who have physical, developmental, social or emotional problems benefit greatly from working with an occupational therapist. At Brighton Physical Therapy, we provide the best specialized assistance in Michigan. We help our patients live independent, productive and satisfying lives.

Brighton Physical TherapySome people confuse occupational therapy and physical therapy. The two disciplines are quite different. While a physical therapist works to improve the general mobility of their patients so they can remain independent, occupational therapists work with people who are ill or disabled to do things that are meaningful to their everyday lives. These activities include eating, personal grooming, dressing, school activities and work.

The work of occupational therapists helps patients with physical, mental or developmental challenges achieve a greater degree of independence. Occupational therapy also helps prevent further disability and enhance personal development and independence.

At Brighton Physical Therapy, our occupational therapists gain tremendous results by adapting the patient’s environment, modifying the tasks they want or need to accomplish, teaching skills, and educating the patient and his or her family. The goal is to improve the patient’s performance and success in the skills of everyday life.

Brighton Physical Therapy

Occupational therapists also work with patients experience difficulty with their fine motor skills for a number of reasons. Maybe they’ve suffered a stroke or just undergone surgery. Perhaps they suffer from tendonitis or they’ve injured the muscles or tendons or any of the 27 bones in the hand. They might be a neurological patient who is experiencing difficulty with the activities of daily living.

Whatever the reason, Brighton Physical Therapy has therapists on staff who specialize in helping patients live as independently and fully as possible.


“I would highly recommend Brighton Physical Therapy to anyone seeking therapy. All staff were lovely and I felt very at home.” -Client ’12